Gum Acacia is a crucial ingredient in the production of a stable beverage emulsion. ISC Gums Premium Spray Dried Gum Acacia is trusted by beverage houses worldwide. Unlike starches and other physically, enzymatically or chemically altered ingredients. Gum Acacia is over 90% soluble dietary fiber and completely soluble, making it easy to incorporate into numerous applications to support their health benefits, such as; beverages, cereal bars, baked good, dairy products. ISC Gums produces Organic, Non-GMO, Kosher, Halal certified Gum Acacia.


Gum Acacia is used extensively in the production of spray dried flavors and fragrances. It is used to stabilize emulsions and when subsequently spray dried, Gum Acacia prevents evaporation and oxidative deterioration of the flavor/ fragrance oils.


Gum Acacia has widespread usage as suspending agents, emulsifiers, adhesives and binders in tabletting and in demulcent syrups. Gum Tragacanth has widespread use as a suspending agent and emulsifier in liquid preparations.


Among its many uses, Gum Acacia functions as a stabilizer in lotions and creams. It increases viscosity, imparts spreading properties, gives a protective coating and smooth feel. Gum Tragacanth is also used as a suspending agent and viscosifier in hand creams.


Gum Acacia is used in the preparation of etching and plating solutions in the lithography industry. Gum Acacia functions as a sensitizer for plates, as an ingredient in fountain solutions, plate washes and protective coatings for the plates in storage.


Gum Acacia is a key ingredient in the micro-encapsulation process. In textiles it is found in waterproof emulsions and sizings. Gum Acacia works as a binder for color pigments in crayons. The list of uses goes on — ink and pigment manufacture, ceramics, liquid insecticides, polishes, paints, etc.