ISC Gums adds Locust Bean Gum to Growing Portfolio

ISC Gums has added Locust Bean Gum (LBG) to its product portfolio. LBG comes from the Certonia Siliqua tree, more commonly known as the Carob tree. In fact, sometimes the gum is referred to as Carob Gum. LBG is a polysaccharide extracted from the seeds of the legume. LBG is traditionally used as a thickener in food, often used in ice cream and teamed with other hydrocolloids in gum blends.


Provide heat and shock resistance to ice cream products.
Prevents whey-off in dairy products
Adds body and aids suspension in beverages
Synergistic with xanthan and carrageenan
Will gel in the presence of agar, kappa carrageenan or xanthan
Improves the texture of countless cheese product
Can replace guar gum in many applications

ISC will offer LBG straight to its customer base and will utilize LBG in its new stabilizer and gum blend product lines.